February 29, 2020

Year of the Bastard: Transmetropolitan #1

It's the Year of the Bastard, and everybody knows it.

Welcome to Year of the Bastard, one of a pair of new ECV features that will also serve as their own stand-alone spinoff podcasts so that people who want to get really granular about specific things can either listen here with all their other ECV content, or they can get it on their own by subscribing to a second feed. 

Year of the Bastard will be Russ Burlingame and a rotating cast of guests (including but not limited to Zach D. Roberts and Logan Bretschneider of Emerald City Video) doing an in-depth re-read and analysis of Transmetropolitan, the great Vertigo/Helix series from Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson. One or two issues a week, we will be breaking down Transmet and looking at its fascinating and often horrifying parallels to the world today.

You can find us (and a number of other awesome podcasts) on the ACPN family of shows.

The Emerald City Video Podcast is a periodic podcast hosted by entertainment journalist Russ Burlingame, with a rotating cast of hosts who used to work at the Emerald City Video store in East Syracuse, New York. The store was once awarded by the Video Software Dealers of America as the best small video store in the U.S. Though it closed in 2009, the store’s legacy still touches the daily lives of a lot of the people who used to work there, and the Syracuse community as a whole still has a lot of fondness for its memory.

The idea behind the podcast, which launched in 2016, was to bring the discourse you would get at a video store — talking with real humans about your movies, rather than trusting in an algorithm — back to…well, if not the world, or even Syracuse, at least to the guys who maybe missed that human connection the most: a bunch of pop culture junky loudmouths who used to run a really cool video store. Over the years, the Emerald City Video banner has flown over a number of themes, including specific episodes about TV series like Riverdale and Psych.

If you like what we’re doing here, you can become a patron of the Emerald City Video Podcast, which comes with fun perks. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We also have Instagram and Vero accounts where we share images, photos, memes, and nonsense. You can support us on Patreon, too, and do things like requesting custom episodes and the like.

Be back for more by noon on the fifth day, and please — always remember to rewind your videocassettes.

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