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New Release Wall #29 - The Jurassic Dead

After the fun of The Jurassic Games, we decided to try out The Jurassic Dead.

This was a poor idea.


Episode 21 - Sicario

Russ and Zach talk Sicario, ahead of Friday's release of the film's sequel.


New Release Wall #28: Jurassic Games

Russ and Zach talk today's new release, The Jurassic Games


Episode 20: Jack Reacher

"How do we find this guy...?"
Jack Reacher walks in the door.
Russ and Zach talk about one of Zach's trailer reel picks -- the kind of thing you could put on in the store to have fun background noise but only sort of pay attention to -- Jack Reacher.

New Release Wall #27: Upgrade

Russ and Zach look at Blumhouse Tilt's latest offering, Upgrade. It's very good.


Episode 19: Clerks. [Pilot]

On the one hand, this week the intro (some of the audio of which is taken from Kevin Smith's 1994 indie hit Clerks) feels more appropriate than ever.

On the other hand, it could have been fun if I took the time to customize an opening that integrated the line from the Clerks animated series: "What follows is the fabled lost pilot to Clerks..."
On yet another hand? Apparently the audio cut out for the first syllable of the introduction that DID make it in, meaning that if I had done ANYTHING special it would have been an improvement over my "hello" being truncated to "'lo."
This is quite possibly the longest attempt ever made at making sense of the live-action Clerks pilot (which the fandom sometimes called Saved By the Clerks because of how much it owes to other shabby '90s sitcoms).


New Release Wall #26 - Solo: A Star Wars Story

Russ and Zach talk Solo: A Star Wars Story, and neither of them was crazy about it.

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New Release Wall #25: Deadpool 2 [No Spoilers]

Russ and Zach give a non-spoiler reaction to Deadpool 2. And guess what? We'll be talking more about this movie soon...!


New Release Wall #24 - Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell

"My favorite movie since BLACK PANTHER." - Russ Burlingame


New Release Wall #23 - Avengers: Infinity War [SPOILERS]

SPOILERS ON for the second half of Russ and Zach's look at Avengers: Infinity War. Here's where things get a bit more critical, because however great the movie was, the ending left Russ really cold.