New Release Wall: The Foreigner [SPOILERS]

October 14, 2017

Zach and Russ talk about Jackie Chan's latest movie, The Foreigner.

SPOILERS ON for this one. I will try and edit a non-spoiler version of this tonight.

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Russ’s Ten Favorite Comic Book Movies

October 2, 2017

These are Russ's FAVORITE (not BEST) comic book movies.

Have fun tweeting horrible things at him for it.

A new episode featuring more than just one person (I KNOW, RIGHT?) is coming this week, although it won't be until at least Wednesday because we are recording tonight and it has to go out to Patreon backers for two days first.

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Panel Discussions: Superman Is For Everyone

September 19, 2017

In light of a recent controversy in the comics industry, Russ recorded a little rant about the meaning of Superman. It touches on elements of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Punisher, and Wonder Woman, so while it is nominally a Panel Discussions episode, we are also releasing it through the main ECV channel for broader exposure.

This episode is also SUPER ROUGH, largely because it is going to be adapted to a video essay soon and then the audio from that will be extracted to replace this episode. So if you like the raw, uncut energy of...whatever this is, then download it now. Soon, it will be much more shiny.

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New Release Wall: IT

September 8, 2017

Russ and Zach talk about It, director Andy Muschietti's moody and inspired reinvention of the Stephen King novel -- and talk a lot about how the property is being resurrected 27 years after the original TV miniseries.


New Release Wall: Dunkirk

September 8, 2017

Russ and Zach respond to Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk -- and the microphone gets...most of it.

For another look at the story of Dunkirk, check out the upcoming reprint of Sam Glanzman's Combat comics, the first of which will center on Dunkirk.


New Release Wall - Baby Driver

July 10, 2017

Russ and Zach head to the new release wall for the second time this weekend for their reactions to Baby Driver, director Edgar Wright’s latest action-comedy starring Ansel Elgort, who — no, Russ — is not Alden Ehrenreich. Geez.

For fun, this one was recorded in a moving car — so you’ll get some variable sound quality…as well as Russ asking Zach to pull over once or twice, just to add to the verisimilitude.

Next episode, barring a change in plans, should be Week 2 of the Summer of Riverdale!


New Release Wall - Spider-Man: Homecoming Reactions

July 8, 2017

Just like we did after watching Transformers: The Last Knight (you can hear that one here), Russ and Zach got out of Spider-Man: Homecoming and immediately spent virtually the entire runtime of the movie talking about it.

We liked this one significantly more, but still had LOTS AND LOTS to nitpick, so if you're going to take it personally that we picked on some stuff...maybe hold off on this one until you've got a little emotional distance from your first viewing. 

Both of us agreed is is a 3.5-star or 4-star (out of 5) movie.


River’s Edge/Sixteen Candles

June 29, 2017

Russ Burlingame and Eva Furmanska launch THE SUMMER OF RIVERDALE, a 13-part series here at the Emerald City Video podcast where the show essentially crosses over with Russ's Archie Digest: A Riverdale Podcast...but not really.

Instead of looking at the popular CW series, which is what Archie Digest is for, ECV will be taking a look at the 13 movies that lent their titles to Season One episodes of Riverdale...and then pairing them with classic teen movies (because Archie and the gang are teens, after all).

This week, we look at two '80s classics -- one that holds up, one that doesn't, and both that leave us feeling a little sad -- River's Edge and Sixteen Candles.


New Release Wall - Transformers: The Last Knight Reactions

June 22, 2017

A little change of format: Russ and Zach talk about their reactions to Transformers: The Last Knight while sitting in the car immediately after having seen the film.

Why in the car? Well, it IS a Transformers movie, after all...!

We also have some nods to Every Frame a Painting's episode on "Bayhem," which you can see here:

And to Lindsay Ellis's ongoing series on Michael Bay, The Whole Plate, the most recent of which you can see here:


The Netflix Algorithm Sucks

June 7, 2017

In which Russ and Zach go to the heart of why the Emerald City Video Podcast exists, and explore how terrible Netflix, Amazon, and other digital video services are at actually recommending movies you might actually want to watch.

A rant.