August 2, 2019

iZombie Season 5 Overview

Review Score: 5/5

Russ Burlingame and Shawn Carpenter from Delicious Flavor: A Psych Rewatch Podcast break down the final season of iZombie, a criminally underrated show with heart, humor...and a pinch of horror.

You can read Russ's interview with showrunner Rob Thomas here.

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Russ and Zach have thoughts on the first episode of The CW's new series Black Lightning.

You can read Russ's full review here:

You can read Zach's thoughts here:


The CW's superhero shows come together for another big-ass crossover -- and this one feels bigger and more epic than Justice League, so Russ had to comment a bit.

Joining him is Michele Curran from #TVGeek Podcast, and the two tackle the first night of the crossover event in as much non-spoiler glory as they can.

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There were just a WHOLE LOT of comic book movies in 2016, and there’s going to be a WHOLE LOT MORE in 2017.

And since Russ works at a comic book news website (, in case you’re wondering) and Zach pitches in there too from time to time, it seemed like taking stock of last year’s comic book movies was kind of a no-brainer.

Especially since we are diametrically opposed to the opinions held by most critics…!

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