May 20, 2019

Class of 1999: Payback

I know, I know -- I still haven't finished the ECV 100 installments yet. But the Class of 1999 series, which will run irregularly for the rest of the year, is something that fits in nicely with the idea of "legacy," so we're going to put those on Mondays too, at least on weeks that we don't already have an ECV 100 thing.

Here, we talk about Payback, which is a great movie with a terrible director's cut that we did NOT rewatch.

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Be back for more by noon on the fifth day, and please -- always remember to rewind your videocassettes.

It's not a five for five deal, but it's something else that you might remember from the days of brick and mortar video stores being a commonplace thing: "If you like this, try this..."

We remember back when we used to have to fill out these little employee recommendation cards for major new releases, and here, we get to do it all over again...but on the internet. And with audio.

Also, I think we forgot to introduce ourselves, so bear in mind this episode is Russ and Zach.

Anyway, with John Wick 2: Electric Bugaloo in theaters now, we figured it was as good a time as any to make some suggestions for movies you can watch if you really enjoyed John Wick.

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