In the second of our "Five For Five" stand-alone shows, Russ Burlingame (@russburlingame on Twitter) and Zach Roberts (@zdroberts) recommend what you should give a chance over the next five days.

And, yes, each of us had a Gene Wilder film.
Russ's list and trivia:

Fun trivia: In Hanky Panky, the movie where Wilder met Gilda Radner — directed by SIDNEY FREAKING POITIER, by the way — Gene Hackman played a character whose name was “Michael Jordon.”


Fun trivia: Noonan’s bar, created for the comic book series HITMAN but used as the restaurant/coffee shop in TV’s SUPERGIRL, was named after Sean Penn’s character Terry Noonan in this film.


Fun trivia: If you watch to the end of Kevin Smith’s 1994 debut feature CLERKS, it says that “Jay and Silent Bob will return in DOGMA.” It took him five years to make the movie and Jay & Bob appeared in both Mallrats and Chasing Amy in between, but he was right.


Fun trivia: That footage of the Berlin Wall isn’t the only time Moore headed to Germany to participate in history: In 1985, President Ronald Reagan was laying a wreath at a wall of remembrance for Nazi soldiers. Michael Moore and a Jewish friend of his whose parents were at Auschwitz were there with a banner that read "We came from Michigan, USA to remind you: They killed my family"

THE BIG EMPTY (this one -!content/7469/The-Big-Empty)

Fun trivia: There are at least three people in this movie — JOSIE’s Rachel Leigh Cook, DAZED’s Joey Lauren Adams, and SQUAD’s Adam Beach — who have been featured in previous ECV Reviews.

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