Russ Burlingame and Zach Roberts already took a long, hard look at The Jurassic Games in an earlier New Release Wall episode -- but this is a special episode and the first in what we hope to make a regular thing: The film's director, Ryan Bellgardt, joined Russ for a long-form interview/commentary track, sharing recollections, behind-the-scenes secrets, and observations about the film in real time as an audio companion to the movie's video.

So cue up your copy of The Jurassic Games -- you can get it on Vudu, Amazon, iTunes, or other streaming services, or pick up a physical disc on Amazon or at Walmart -- and listen to a feature-length commentary track from the director and one of our intrepid hosts.

You can hear our original The Jurassic Games review here.

You can get a copy of the movie on Amazon here, and if you buy at that link it supports the podcast.

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