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Russ is joined by Logan Bretschneider and Dan Fecteau to talk about the new Netflix film, Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus.

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The Emerald City Video Podcast is a periodic podcast hosted by entertainment journalist Russ Burlingame, with a rotating cast of hosts who used to work at the Emerald City Video store in East Syracuse, New York. The store was once awarded by the Video Software Dealers of America as the best small video store in the U.S. Though it closed in 2009, the store’s legacy still touches the daily lives of a lot of the people who used to work there, and the Syracuse community as a whole still has a lot of fondness for its memory.

The idea behind the podcast, which launched in 2016, was to bring the discourse you would get at a video store — talking with real humans about your movies, rather than trusting in an algorithm — back to…well, if not the world, or even Syracuse, at least to the guys who maybe missed that human connection the most: a bunch of pop culture junky loudmouths who used to run a really cool video store. Over the years, the Emerald City Video banner has flown over a number of themes, including specific episodes about TV series like Riverdale and Psych.

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So -- how does The Last Jedi hold up a couple of weeks down the line? Russ finds out by talking to Logan and Dan about the film.

It's OSCAR NIGHT! And the crew of Emerald City Video have decided to set up camp in Russ's living room and take a look at the favorite to win Best Picture tonight, La La Land.

Then to have a little palate-cleanse after that, Russ and Logan reconvene to record a look at The Blues Brothers.

Russ Burlingame, David Nielsen ,Logan Bretschneider, and Dan Fecteau got together last Friday for a screening of Sadako vs Kayako, also known as The Ring vs The Grudge.

A good deal of alcohol was consumed, and we really only had the one microphone. So the sound quality is pretty awful.

But it was a lot of fun, and we got to really punch holes in what was, to be honest, a pretty terrible movie. And of course talk about other things that popped into our heads.

So listen in on our conversation, and we promise a more professional recording next time around...!

Dan, Logan, Dave, and Russ talk about Deadpool and The Punisher -- plus a whole lot of other stuff in one of our less-structured episodes.

In this episode, Russ, Dan, Logan, and Dave look at Everybody Wants Some!! and Dazed and Confused from visionary director Richard LInklater. And we get distracted a lot.

Like, a lot.

February 19, 2016


WARNING: This is an incredibly explicit episode of the podcast.

Yes, we're back! With an episode that is months old, in which we talk at some length about the adult room, the N-word gets used at least once (academically, as I'm quoting Lenny Bruce), and Dave (our former porn room manager) walks us through the process of finding a particularly disgusting bit of adult material on a specific porn site.


That said, it's a fun episode, too. I just want to make sure that everybody knows going in that after a few episodes of just a naughty word or two here or there, we really do earn our explicit tag this time around.


This week's films are The Hateful Eight, Quentin Tarantino's latest ultra-violent, N-word-filled Western, and Krull, the sci-fi-fantasy that just screams Eighties.


No detailed notes this time, mostly because it's 2 a.m. as I finally finish editing this for publication -- but also because four months later, I have no idea where my actual notes went.

First, a couple of quick housekeeping notes:

Hey, it's Russ.

We will be releasing a remixed version of Episode 1 soon. When I was working in Audacity, the mix of my audio to the music and From Crisis to Crisis trailer didn't sound NEARLY as terrible as it does in the final version. I should have listened to it in another app before uploading to Libsyn, but sadly, I don't have the time required to remix it right now and won't probably until Thursday or Friday.

So there's that.

Speaking of From Crisis to Crisis, I guest-hosted an episode recently, which you can check out here.

ALSO, the Emerald City Video Podcast is now on iTunes.

Also, I know I had promised these show notes earlier, but I got swamped. That's likely to happen. In the future, there will be fewer show notes, but I'll also attempt to pre-write them so that by the time the episode hits is finished being edited, I'm ready to roll.

During Episode 1a, you hear me mention that I was taking some notes -- more or less in chronological order -- about specific beats, as you might do for a commentary track -- for Josie and the Pussycats. This fell by the wayside as I got distracted by the movie, and by trying to set up recording times and all that good stuff for the actual podcasts.

What notes I did take, you can check out below:

  • “Backdoor Lover” should probably have been a clue that this movie wasn’t going to take itself seriously.
  • This is obviously the second-­best performance from Donald Faison (after Scrubs). And his best comic book movie. Sorry, Kick­-Ass 2.
  • A few token mentions of Riverdale is pretty much the only nod to the fact that this is an Archie Comics adaptation. 
  • Well, that and “I’m here because I was in the comic book.”
  • I kind of want a t­shirt that says “DuJour means hygiene.”
  • I love “Take the Chevy to the levy” as code for crashing the band’s plane. That’s darkly genius.
  • For whatever reason, when I see a cute girl fixing a truck like we see from Josie in the first act, all I can think of is Diane Franklin in Better Off Dead.
  • “But they didn’t say they were dead; they said they were missing,” says Melody in what is probably the weirdest bit of foreshadowing in movie history.
  • Aww...there’s a record store scene. They’re like our brothers­-in­-arms!
  • Weirdly, there are at least two people in this film who would later appear in iZombie: one of the girls at the megastore played a minor character in “Real Dead Housewife of Beverly Hills,” and Hiro Kanazawa, the Japanese delegate to Parker Posey’s presentation, was Lt. Suzuki.
  • I love the fact that they gave us the only legitimate reason for Behind the Music to be a thing.
  • Also, I don't remember autotune being a hugely known thing when this movie came out, so probably there are people out there -- even though it had been around for years by this point -- who thought this movie gave the inventors a bad idea.
  • Melody’s Big Mac moment is the weak with the Force moment of the film. Just flat-out Jedi Mind Tricking these ladies.
  • It’s interesting to me that they make no real attempt to make the music videos interesting. Usually when they do a full­on music video in the middle of a movie — outside of Tapeheads or UHF — it’s the filmmaker trying to say something interesting. This just looks like what a Josie & the Pussycats video would probably look like.
  • I love the Charlie’s Angels stars-As-Pussycats joke in the “Pretend to Be Nice” music video. This movie came out right around the time that those three could have been cast in such a movie.
  • Nice that when the hysterical fans showed up now for THEM, they had them all dressed as the girls and the one person of color wasn’t automatically Valerie.
  • Okay, so when we get to Operation Big Concert, let’s just point out that it shares a plot with that boy band episode of The Simpsons.
  • I think the little stuffed Ronald McDonald doll next to the mirror where the warning for Melody is written, is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in a film.
  • Josie.com doesn’t work anymore, and that makes me sad.
  • There’s a TON of “I caught your nonsense, but bought the transparently terrible excuse” in this movie.
  • I hate the “obligatory misunderstanding” plot thread they use with Alan M, but at least it’s fairly organic.
  • I kind of love the thing with the Matt Damon cut-out at the Other TRL stage.
  • “Puppies turn into dogs, who grow old and die.” I also want that on a t-­shirt.
  • What the fuck was going on with the clown eating from the garbage in Josie's hallucination?

Also, if you haven't seen iZombie, Tapeheads, UHF, or Better Off Dead, you should rectify that immediately. The latter three would actually be great recommendations for anyone who liked Josie and the Pussycats.

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